Thatcham Create FAQ


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How long does a Property Scan take?

It varies with the property. A 4 Bedroom house will need about an hour on site. Larger properties may require 3 hours

Can a scan be updated

Minor changes can be included. The highlight tour can include views from any part of the scan. Information Tags and Links can be added or updated.

How Quickly is the scan available?

After the scan is complete it has to be uploaded and processed before being customised. This can take 3-4 hours. Expect the customised scan to be available the following working day.

Can People be included

The scan will include everything visible to the camera. You might want a friendly face included as part of the tour.

What 3D Printers do you have?

We operate both FDM machines and resin DLP printers. The machines may change as technology moves on but we’ll advise you on which materials will be best for your item.

How quickly can you print my 3D model?

 Turn around depends on many factors. How busy the machines are, how big your print is. Contact us for a qoute and we’ll give you a firm idea of when you can expect results.


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